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The Sixera Pharma Project

The Project

Netherton syndrome

It's a rare reason

Netherton syndrome (NS) is a rare genetic disease leading to severe skin inflammation and allergic manifestations. The number of newborns affected by the disease is estimated to be 5 per million worldwide, although some patients are never properly diagnosed due to the rarity of the disease.

NS is characterized by a combination of three clinical manifestations: 

  • scaly redness of the skin (congenital ichtyosiform erythroderma) 
  • hair shaft abnormality; bamboo hair (tricorrhexis invaginata 
  • constant atopic manifestations 

Do you want to help us on our mission

If you are in a position to help our project or know someone that should be on our team  you can contact us here.

Project breakdown

Step 1: accomplished

Step 1: accomplished

Image of the molecule 

Develop small molecule inhibitors of KLK5, 7 and 14

Step 2: accomplished

Picture of a mouse with a “netherton syndrome” like condition

Step 2: accomplished

Validate KLK5, 7 and 14 as targets in Netherton syndrome models

Step 3: accomplished

here is how our cream is mixed in the factory

Step 3: accomplished

Toxicology testing and process scale up of lead compound SXR1096

Step 4: Ongoing

Clinical testing of a cream formulation of SXR1096 in a phase I/II study